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Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs

Sitting at my desk I was searching out for some of the interesting Digital Marketing blog topics. Coming across the heap of data on Google I just got confused. Oh my God! What to refer was a confusion I was facing and that was the moment  I planned to sort out the top 10 digital marketing blog sites to be followed. Digital Marketing is a booming field and you will get lot of content to read and gain more knowledge.Its a difficult task to choose the suitable one among many. So let’s move on…

1. Moz – SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog

Moz blog is useful for the viewers who are planning to move on with a career in SEO or dream to be SEO super hero. It’s a package of all the useful blog posts on handling every element related to the SEO strategy and practice, digital marketing industry news, SEO, or inbound marketing initiatives. One thing which made me the fan of these blogs is that it helps in keeping a track and understand the mechanics behind the latest SEO updates.

2. HubSpot Marketing

One of the best content creators which has its entire focus on inbound marketing. Its awesome if you are planning to learn about todays best inbound strategies. Their content is kept relevant by linking to the latest happenings in the digital world.

3. Search Engine Land

Are you searching for the latest SEO news in a concise and straightforward manner? If yes Search Engine Land will be the best option for you. These blogs serve up as little nuggets of solid advice to a short article on the content distribution. They are informative and display various information on digital marketing.


4.Marketing Land

Quality content on different topics and industry news is the special highlight of this digital marketing blog. Their posts are informative, relevant and specifically showcases the new features on social media platforms, updates in Content Management Systems. This blog lets us interact with the industry leaders providing the audience with educational and engaging content.

5. Digiday

Digiday is the digital marketing blog which covers all the things related to digital marketing for big brands. Their blogs help us to examine how digital marketing plays out on a much larger scale. Big brands need digital marketing and yes, I love reading their blogs. It’s a real fun. Besides the digital content this site produces awards, job postings and events.

6.Convince and Convert

This site will be the perfect stop to learn more about digital advertising. The articles here are short and simple and up to the point. Yet they are informative and insightful. This will help you in looking at your own content in a different way and think outside the box regarding what opportunities to be incorporated into the digital marketing strategies.

7. Content Marketing Institute

You can delve into original content marketing research which includes information on the content marketing industry’s benchmarks, trends, and budgets. Their blogs are a home to several compelling articles written about content strategy, storytelling and blogging best practices. Another bonus is that it keeps you updated with the latest content marketing events.


8. Quicksprout

This is the best digital marketing blog which offers strategies and tools to help businesses in boosting traffic and making the conversion to boost sales. These blogs are the great channel to get a comprehensive marketing education. The mastermind behind this blog site is Neil Patel a nationally recognized entrepreneur. His strategies and content speak for themselves. Lets bookmark the site so as to refer it from time to time.

9. Search Engine Journal

The very popular and a comprehensive online authority publication in search engine marketing is called Search Engine Journal. It is dedicated to producing the latest search news, the best guides and how-tos for the SEO and marketer community. This site offers the latest updates to search engine algorithms, useful SEO information and different useful tactics.

10. Sweans Technologies

One of the best digital marketing blogs which shares all about digital marketing, technology, latest trends in marketing, latest technology updates and more. A full proof solution for all your technology needs. This site can give you all the details you are searching for related to the digital marketing trends.

Above listed blogs are perfect for all your digital marketing doubts. They share news, expert advice, which helps you to glean all this information into the real action.

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Well-Known as a “Bengali in Sweans” due to the usage of Hindi in my talks I am a veteran, creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. Rest assured, my clients are always my priority.

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  • Syntricon Technologies

    Great! The list is impressive!! There are so many things to read now!!!
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    • Sweans

      Hi Shakthy, thanks for your valuable comment.

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