How this Works

How This Works
  • Use mining Calculator to find out which crypto coin you would like to mine. Kindly do this cautiously. Don’t just look at the current profitability. Look at the risks and the long-term growth potential too and select a mix of miners. The miner selection is 100% your choice and Sweans mining will not interfere or advice on this.
  • Order the miners from pricing, and follow the instructions and remit the payment to our bank account in the United Kingdom.
  • Sweans Mining will order miners on your behalf and ship them to Georgia. We will clear the port and customs and transport to our Georgia Data center.
  • We will setup the Miners, configure your favorite pool (or we will suggest the best pool from our research) and the mined coins will be directly pay out to your wallet.
  • You will be given the root access to the device and the mining pool. You can make necessary changes with pools or wallets.
  • Sweans mining will invoice only the fixed maintenance charges every month before 25th, and you will get 7 days to make payment. For example, we will invoice the September 2017 maintenance charges on August 25th and you can make payment in 7 days.
  • We will not control or take a cut from your earnings. All the coins mined will come directly to your wallet.