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Klaviyo One: A Unified Customer Platform to leverage the complex demands of large business

  • January 1, 2023
  • Savan Krishna
  • Ecommerce

Have you considered how you can adapt to the ever-changing, evolving, and volatile eCommerce landscape? If you haven’t already, let me take you on an insightful and informative ride to guide you about the Klaviyo One Platform. Klaviyo One, introduced on June 23rd, 2022, is a new platform built by Klaviyo to address the growing business demands of large corporations that require speed and scale. This new enterprise solution comes with extensive guidance and support from Klaviyo experts and Klaviyo partners.

What is Klaviyo One?

Klaviyo One assists large brands in unifying customer data and creating customized experiences for prospective customers. Klaviyo One supports the speed, complexity, and sophistication of large-scale businesses. It has advanced features like user identification and authorization and offers 24/7 support from Klaviyo experts. Top brands don’t need to spend hours or tens of billions to get their software platform to work together. Klaviyo One brings all the data under one roof, giving access and enlightening the journey to measurable outcomes.

How does Klaviyo One work?

Klaviyo One offers data-driven solutions for creating one-of-a-kind experiences to retain and re-engage customers through personalized emails and messages. Klaviyo’s new system centralizes all customer information into an omnichannel, improving personalized messaging and communicating effectively with potential customers. The unified Customer Data Platform(CDP) empowers your data with a built-in database that fuels communication. It can generate crucial insights through powerful artificial intelligence and predictive data analysis that reinforces your marketing efforts.

Why Choose Klaviyo One?

With Klaviyo One, you can build more valuable customer relationships and access to industry-leading security and compliance. The Klaviyo support team guarantees your success with their diligent team of professional experts. All the Klaviyo One customers receive dedicated support from the customer success manager and gain access to chat prioritization.

Scroll down and learn more about the benefits of choosing Klaviyo One.

✔ Advanced Segmentation & Personalization

As long as you have the data, you can create market-friendly segments to categorize your customer’s specific criteria like items purchased, promotional code usage, and lifetime value. The segments generated are code-free and are updated in real-time to stay relevant. You can use personalized segments to boost email and SMS automation that sends information suitable to your audience. Whatever automation you send out to your customers, Klaviyo One enables customized brand messaging to stand out from the crowd. Even if you have countless customers, you can send your emails and texts in a matter of time.

✔ More Flexibility & Extensibility

Klaviyo provides direct API access to profiles, allowing faster query of real-time profile data for unlimited marketing. They also offer more sophisticated tools for importing large amounts of data. Klaviyo’s CDP is impeccable, pushing the limits of speed, storage, and latency. It can personalize the loading times while maintaining website performance during times of high traffic to your site. Their CDP combines real-time and historical data to generate insights for building segments for your marketing efforts.

✔ Advanced Security & Compliance

Klaviyo One complies with cutting-edge practices and third-party certifications to ensure adherence to the most recent privacy and security policies. Klaviyo One is well aware of the security breaches and website vulnerabilities, so they entrust researchers to identify risks and potential threats. They address compliance with three main features:

  • Keep the data GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  • Built-in safeguards for email and message compliance.
  • Protect brand reputation and credibility.

✔ Dedicated Partners

Klaviyo One provides comprehensive onboarding support to clients by collaborating with agencies. They have over 6.5K dedicated agency partners to manage your account and gather your specific needs. So, even if you have a limited number of human resources, Klaviyo One can support your business functions with industry-standard processes and workflows.

✔ Extensive Support

Klaviyo One experts work collaboratively with you to fully understand your current tech stack, previous marketing techniques, product offering, and revenue model to set goals and overcome obstacles. Their specialists retrieve historical and real-time data into CDP and use your data to create segmentation, automation, reporting, and marketing campaigns.

Pros & Cons


✅Deliver personalized messages and manage unlimited data

✅High deliverability and low latency

✅Over 230 out-of-the-box integrations with any stack

✅Build custom integrations in less time

✅On-going support from the customer success manager 

✅More specialized support network of agencies and partners


Flexibility comes with complexity

High cost

My Final Take

Klaviyo One is a dynamic version of Klaviyo that provides more eCommerce flexibility and control. The latest Klaviyo platform’s advancement aims to make enterprises more capable, not just providing a better customer experience. With the introduction of Klaviyo One, large-scale organizations can better serve their customers by prioritizing them. Klaviyo One’s dedicated experts can help you increase revenue, create prospective customer networks, and create experiences that reflect the brand image   — in the way you and your customers desire.

Savan Krishna
Savan Krishna

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