Sweans Technology Entrepreneur Program

Designed to help you sell Google Business View to businesses who wish to get listed on Google Maps, Google Search, Google Plus and Google Local.

Sweans - A Google Trusted Agency

Sweans is an agency which is trusted, trained and certified by Google, having trained photographers to ensure high quality photo shoots of your business. We have been serving customers like Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Pictures, BBC, Hasbro and Universal Studios since the last 7 years. Sweans has offices in the USA, UK,
and India. Sweans has 2000+ customers in 65 countries.

Google Business View

Google Business View powered by Google Street View technology lets you invite customers inside a
business with a virtual tour on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. Street View lets you walk
around streets and Business View lets you walk inside businesses. Google Business View is used by
more than 75000 businesses.


How to get my business listed with minimum expenditure?

Businesses can get listed and create virtual tours by engaging a Google Trusted Agency. Business listing depends upon: the business size, the square footage, the number of obstructions in each shoot and the number of levels and complexity of the location. As a thumb rule, the cost of listing a tiny one room store will start from Rs. 15000, a standard 50 seat restaurant would be around Rs. 30000 and so on. Our Google Trained Photographers and Account Managers will help you with the exact pricing, for each property.

Is this very technical?

Yes it is and that's where Sweans comes in. We take care of the photo shoot, editing, making the virtual tour, quality control and the final listing on Google Maps, Search, Plus and Local.

How much to invest?

Nothing! Sweans does not believe in taking money from you for joining our program. But we are very selective about the people we let into the program. You demo the product to the customer, sign him up and we do the rest.

Am I eligible?

To join S.T.E.P you should satisfy these basic criteria’s:

Fluency in English plus one Indian language 500 friends on Facebook. Own an Apple iPad 3 / Google Nexus 7 or newer tablet model from Apple or Google Apple iPhone 5s / Google Nexus 5 or newer mobile phone from Apple or Google. Access to a high speed internet connection on your phone and tablet is a must. Willing to allow us to do a background check

How much will I earn?

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
No. of businesses to be listed
41 +
Minimum billing to be generated
S.T.E.P partner profit percentage
Payout amount
Rs 12500/-
Rs 28000/-
Rs 60000/-
Rs 140000/-

Can I sell other things?

Sweans is 360 degree digital agency. We will give you access to our complete portfolio of products including Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Re-Branding Google Ads YouTube Ads Gmail Ads Product demo videos You can sell all this without the need for any investment


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